Marine Refrigerator & Air Cond – Part 3

MARINE REFRIGERATOR & AIR COND - Pumping Down the Refrigerant

This Week Topics is “MARINE REFRIGERATOR & AIR COND…… Congratulations to all participants “INDONESIAN MERCHANT MARINE CADET SHARING SEASON 2020” 12th May until 23rd May 2020…. 

We Just give the basic principle for 10 Machineries on sharing season on May 2020… Lets improve your Knowledge and……”Never Stop Your step….go Ahead our beloved Indonesian Marine Cadets

Fresh Water Generator – Basic Theory

Basic Theory, Principle & Function of Fresh Water Generator

Fresh water is one of the main important items on board. It is used for drinking, cooking & for your personal hygiene but also for machineries. Our Ship has Fresh Water Generator to make/produce the fresh water, so our Ship can sailing on long voyages and unnecessary Fresh water bunker.

Fresh Water Generator

Type of Fresh Water Generator

Many types of Fresh Water Generator (This Video Just for the references of your Knowledge) In most merchant ship’s, fresh water generator (Distillation type) design use the heat from main engine jacket cooling fresh water system while the main plant is in operation and in some cases an alternative supply of steam is provided so that the equipment can be used even with the main plant is in idle condition ‘be an Indonesian Merchant Marine Cadets that have Characterized, Competitive, Adaptive, and have high selling Values”

Oil Water Separator

Oily Water Separator

Oily Water Separator and Bilge Disposal System

ACCORDING TO MARINE POLLUTION 1973 / 1978 (ANNEX I : REGULATIONS FOR PREVENTION OF POLLUTION BY OIL) THE MARINE ENVIRONMENT BY SHIPS FROM OPERATIONAL OWS are devices use to separate oil from water. A variety of methods to separate oil from water are involved including gravity separation, filters, coagulation/flocculation and floatation. Gravity separation is not always the most successful at oil removal to meet the regulatory discharge requirements. Hence coalescing oil/water separators are essentially enhanced gravity type OWS that are commonly used onboard to achieve the greater separation efficiency.